A wonderful journey along Tusa's river bed: let's discover the open-air museum "Fiumara d'arte" – Road.Travel

A wonderful journey along Tusa's river bed: let's discover the open-air museum "Fiumara d'arte"

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Hello! I'm Martina Belfiore, the author of this itinerary that I chose because I wanted to suggest a different trip in this beautiful area, which is not so known. "Fiumara d'arte" is a mind-blowing circuit of outdoor sculptures along the bed of the river Tusa that flows among the Nebrodi mountains. Each sculpture has a different concept and meaning, according to what the artist wanted to express. You wil be able to meditate, think about life and establish a new connection with the surrounding nature and its elements such as water, mountains and even with the sun. I hope you'll choose and enjoy this itinerary, you won't regret it! Have a nice trip! Since you'll be going to the beach, don't forget to bring a couple of bathing suits, your sunscreen and a hat (you should use these last two during the excursions as well!) The sculptures of the tour may be located on hills and you will have to walk a lot, please remember to pack a pair of hiking shoes. As you know, June in Sicily means high temperatures and scorching sun, therefore you should wear light clothes, drink lots of water and bring some snacks for the daily excursions. If you choose the travel period I've suggested, you may find several events taking place at the hotel "Atelier sul Mare Museo Albergo", such as the Laboratory of Ceramics and the Ritual of Light, which is held at the "38° Parallelo - Piramide" sculpture. When you're there, please ask the hotel staff about the upcoming events or send them an e-mail in order to know it in advance. You also may have to adjust the activities I recommended in order to attend the aforementioned events. *Credits: This tour was made by Martina Belfiore, as a multimedia tourist and storytelling project for the "Laboratory of formal technical writing (storytelling and gamification)", under the coordination of Prof. Elisa Bonacini, within the ITS 2-years COURSE "Higher Technician for the management of tourist accommodation facilities and cultural activities", 2019-2021, founded by the ITS Archimede Foundation at the CUMO Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium, in Noto (Syracuse).*

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Arrival at Palermo's airport and route to Cefalù

Welcome to Sicily! I suggest you to try a sicilian *granita con brioche* at the airport's bar. Not a sweet tooth? You can also find a wide range of delicious savoury pastries such as *arancine*. After eating, go pick up your car and let's start our journey! Before to start the *Fiumara d'arte* tour, you will spend a day in [*Cefalù*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cefal%C3%B9). Let's go!


Welcome to *Cefalù*, one of the most beautiful cities on the Thyrrenian coast in Sicily! Now you may want to drop your luggage off the cozy and elegant apartment you booked at the peculiar [*"Palazzo Maria"*](https://www.palazzomaria.it/the-apartments/?lang=en) building.

Piazza Duomo

Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the *Cattedrale di Cefalù*! If you're willing to visit the inner part of the Church, you can buy the ticket and get yourself lost among the magnificent treasures and mosaics of the church, which is a UNESCO site! Here is a wonderful izi.TRAVEL audiotour to discover all the UNESCO heritage and natural sites in Sicily!

Locanda del Marinaio

You must be starving but don't worry, the *"Locanda del marinaio"* is 5 minutes on foot away from *Piazza Duomo*. In this typical restaurant you can relish traditional yet exquisite fish dishes in all their freshness. Don't forget to try a good wine and a slice of the delicious *torta dello chef*.

Porto di Cefalù

Welcome to the [*"Porto di Cefalù"*](https://www.italyscapes.com/places/sicily/cefalu/ports/old-port-of-cefalu/)! Here you can breathe some fresh salty air while taking a walk and sipping a lemonade, sit down and enjoy the view on a lovely bench, or you can also experience a bath in the shiny waters of the sicilian sea.

La Tavernetta

After your late afternoon at the sea, you can have a delicious pizza in a restaurant nearby called *"La tavernetta"*. Enjoy your dinner!

Day 2: Trip to Castel di Tusa and visit to the first "Fiumara d'arte"'s sculptures

Good morning! Let me present you the second part of our itinerary: we are going to *Castel di Tusa*, where you can start exploring Tusa's river bed and its open air museum, called *"Fiumara d'Arte"*. Enjoy your breakfast and let's get down to our trip, a new adventure is waiting for you!

Castel di Tusa

Roll down the car window and take a look around: you're in the fascinating *Castel di Tusa* where, in 1982, *Antonio Presti*'s idea was conceived. You will fall in love with the landscape and the authenticity of this small city, other than its colours and history. Are you ready? Let's keep going!

La Materia Poteva Non Esserci - Fiumara d'arte

Look up to the sky and enjoy the view of the first today's sculpture! [*"La Materia Poteva Non Esserci"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/lamateria_en.html), made by [*Pietro Consagra*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pietro_Consagra) in 1986, is 18 meters high and made with cement in chromatic constrast. The artist wanted to represent the relationship between man and environment by extrapolating the rationality of its conception. He also meant to invite you to pass through the sculpture. You'll be able to take some amazing pictures! Now let's go find the next work of art of the *Fiumara d'arte*!

38° Parallelo - Piramide - Fiumara d'arte

There it is! [*"38° Parallelo - Piramide - Fiumara d'arte"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/parallelo_en.html) is the corten steel pyramid made by [*Mauro Staccioli*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauro_Staccioli) in 2010 and it's the most recent work of the *Fiumara d'arte*. *Mauro Staccioli* wanted to translate the abstraction of the hearth dimension in a creative metaphysical perception, validating the relation between work of art and the location. Here is the incredible set of the [Ritual of Light](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdfdFh8rv0w): this rite takes place every year in June, in the days of the solstice, when the sun triumphs over the dark, and those who participate consciously choose a path, a path of light. On this annual occasion the pyramid-38th parallel is opened to favor the traveler a high and open look on the universe. The rite is offered as a word of beauty, as a maieutic word. In recent years, some great poets offered children the value of the word, the sacredness of poetry and Beauty. The goal announced by the founder of Fiumara, Antonio Presti, is "*to give the new generations the opportunity to come together every year, in those summer days, to choose the triumph of light each time. So that - adds Presti - the future is nourished by the value of universal beauty in its rise to the status of ritual"*. And now, let yourself be amazed by how the solar light is captured by the sculpture! After taking some shots, it's time to go eat!

Agriturismo Pattina

This the restaurant of *"Agriturismo Pattina"* where you previously booked your lunch experience! Get ready to acquaint yourselves with the genuine taste of organic dishes made with km 0 products. Enjoy the sun, the breeze and the colours which the beautiful sight in front of you has to offer. Are you ready for the next adventure? Let's go to [*Reitano*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reitano), where you will find the *"Monumento Per Un Poeta Morto"* sculpture.

Monumento Per Un Poeta Morto - Fiumara d'arte

After 15 minutes by car, you'll already be able to see [*"Monumento per un poeta morto"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/monumento-poeta_en.html), also known as *"Finestra sul mare"*, one of the most fascinating sculpture of the route. It was made by *Tano Festa* in 1989 and it represents the limited sense of possibilities to be stopped by one's thought on the horizon. The black monolith, on the other hand, stands for the finite sense of our existences. Now that you've witnessed the magnificence of this work of art, you may want to go back to *Castel di Tusa* and have some relax!

Spiaggia Lampare - Bandiera Blu

The sun, the sea, the salty air... Beautiful, isn't it? Enjoy the sicilian beach *"Lampare"*, which gained the blue flag in 2016!

Ristorante Le Lampare

Few steps away from the beach, you can find this small and picturesque restaurant called *"Le Lampare"* where you can either have pasta or some fresh fish. Don't forget to order a bottle of wine and let yourselves be overwhelmed by the perfect location where to eat! After dinner, you may enjoy a walk along the *Lungomare di Tusa*.

Lido Est

What's better than a drink and some music in front of the sea to get carried away? After 15/20 minutes of walk, you will bump into *Lido Est*, a lovely beach resort in *Castel di Tusa*. Take it easy with the drinks, another day of travel is upon us!

Day 3: Discovering the other sculptures of Fiumara d'arte: let's complete our artistic route

Rise and shine, today you'll see wonders! Have a proper breakfast at the hotel and wear comfortable shoes!

Una Curva Gettata alle Spalle del Tempo - Fiumara d'arte

This is the first work of art of the day: [*"Una Curva Gettata alle Spalle del Tempo"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/curva_en.html) was made by *Paolo Schiavocampo* in 1990 and imitates a sail *"moved from the silent wind that arrives from the sea"*. Stay here for a while and meditate on how the artist joined past and future together with the traditions, the quiet, the places.

Labirinto di Arianna - Fiumara d'arte

The [*Labirinto di Arianna*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/arianna_en.html), an actual maze, is maybe the most famous and known work of the *Fiumara d'arte*. In 1990, *Italo Lanfredini* meant it to be a passage between past and future, life and death: once someone gets into the maze, they start reflecting about their existence, driven by the timeless dimension in which it's impossible not to think. You're supposed to spend more time than usual here, have a good thinking and after some water you're ready to go to the next stop.

Arethusa - Fiumara d'arte

Few minutes away from the maze you can find this colorful building which also happens to be the barrack of the *Carabinieri* of *Castel di Lucio*! Its name is [*"Arethusa"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/arethusa_en.html), given in 1990 by the two artists [*Piero Dorazio*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piero_Dorazio) and *Graziano Marini*, who managed to express the contemporary architecture concept by which art can be part of architecture. Take a closer look at the picturesque motifs created with ceramics and enjoy how they gave joy and harmony to a sad structure. Now it's time to go find another work of art located on the road to *Mistretta*!

Il Muro della Vita - Fiumara d'arte

On your way to *Mistretta* you will find one peculiar wall, [*"Il Muro della Vita"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/muro-vita_en.html), another sculpture part of the route. Pull over and look for the details: every artist working at this wall in 1991 added a ceramic artwork as *"devotion to beauty"*. You can take some pictures but watch out the cars!


After all the discovering, you may want to take a break and have lunch in [*Mistretta*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistretta). Find a spot where to leave the car and let's have a walk!

'Nta Buatta

Welcome to *"'Nta Buatta"*, a lovely gastropub where you can experience the taste of a platter of cold cuts and cheese, deep-fried *crocchette* and *arancine*, and a soft drink.

Villa Comunale "Giuseppe Garibaldi"

After a few steps, you can go into the *"Villa Comunale Giuseppe Garibaldi"*, the botanical garden of the city. Close your eyes, take a breath and be amazed by Nature all around you. Magical, isn't it?

Stanza di Barca d'Oro - Fiumara d'Arte

Let's get back to our adventure! Your next stop will be [*"Stanza di Barca d'Oro"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/barca-oro_en.html), a mind-blowing room dug in a hill in 1989. The japanese artist [*Hidetoshi Nagasawa*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidetoshi_Nagasawa) covered the room with metallic slabs and installed a hanging boat made with metal, gold sheets and rose marble. Its intent is to feel a spiritual silence given by the cold and heartless metal, regardless of the noises from the surrounding Nature.

Energia Mediterranea - Fiumara d'arte

You're now in front of the magnificent ["*Energia Mediterranea"*](http://www.ateliersulmare.com/en/fiumara_en/opere_en/energia-mediterranea_en.html)! This huge blue wave was made by *Antonio Di Palma*, in 1990. It was meant to resemble a sign of water in the mountain, in order to keep the two elements together. Climb on the top and take some pics! This was the last sculpture of the route, congratulations! What about some relax now?

La Trinacria

*"La Trinacria"* is the perfect place where to have the last dinner of the holiday. Here you can find tasty food, kind staff and a lovely concept, typical of these little restaurants. Never forget to have a glass of good wine and a dessert.

Day 4: Last breakfast in Castel di Tusa and return to the airport of Palermo

Good morning! Have breakfast on the beautiful hotel's terrace and look at the view one more time. Can you believe how much beauty you have witnessed in few days? You must be sad, but don't be: you can always come back in the future! Pick up your luggage and the car, it's time to go to the airport!

Airport of Palermo

Here we are, this is the end of our trip! I hope you've enjoyed the beautiful *Fiumara d'arte* and all the places you have seen during these days. Drop the car off and get prepared to catch your flight, but don't forget to have the last *arancina* at the airport's bar! Goodbye!