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A winter fairy tale for the whole family: museums, waterfalls and dog sledding

Road Trip Route. Learn more about life of Siberian peasants, Take a walk in the reserve, Climb a mountain top and enjoy unforgettable views, Get familiar with life of Siberian and Alaskan Husky sled dogs, Downhill skiing, Walk to waterfall.

We suggest you spend a fun weekend with your family. If all the sights of Novosibirsk have already been explored, then it's time to go and explore its surroundings. There are so many interesting museums and natural attractions in the Novosibirsk region that two days will not even be enough.

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Anastasia Baklanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Museum walks and beautiful natural sights

Learn interesting facts about the life of Vladlen Biryukov, the People's Artist of Russia. You'll walk through the reserve and reach the unique waterfall. You'll visit the museum, where you'll get acquainted with the life of Siberian peasants, the flora and fauna of Siberia, as well as with the work of V.M. Shukshin.


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Museum "Theater Biryukova"

The first stop is the museum of Vladlen Biryukov, Honoured Artist of Russia. The exposition is based on the artist's personal belongings, theatrical costumes, interior items, documents and photos. The museum is small but very cozy. The special atmosphere is created by the stories of the guides, who know how to captivate both adults and children. Working hours Monday closed Tuesday - Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 Saturday - Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information at [website](https://teatrbirukova.business.site/#details) To book a tour, please call 8 (383) 415-02-59 and choose the date and time.

Berdskaya Kosa

After visiting the museum, take a walk around the Berdskaya Spit Nature Reserve, which fascinates from the first seconds of the visit. However, you should keep in mind that there is a fee for entry by car. It is possible to walk around on foot.

Nemetskiy Restoran Levenburg

Have lunch at Berdsk's best restaurant, which is decorated in the style of a German neo-gothic castle. The menu includes more than 60 dishes of classical German cuisine, beer of different kinds and countries, wine list with more than 20 titles. Children's corner is waiting for the little guests.

Iskitim History and Art Museum

From Berdsk go to Iskitim. Visit the Historical and Art Museum and get acquainted with the life of Siberian peasants, flora and fauna of Siberia, as well as with the works of V.M. Shukshin. The museum has more than 20 thousand exhibits: rare icons, paintings, sculptures of famous Novosibirsk artists of Soviet period Opening hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 10.00-17.00, Friday: 10.00-16.00, Saturday - 11.00-16.00, Weekends: Sunday, Monday. More information on [website](http://iskmuseum.ru/?page_id=4).

Belovskiy Vodopad

To make the day even more memorable, take a walk to the miracle of Novosibirsk region - Belovsky waterfall. It is unusual in that it is located on a flat area. The height of the waterfall is about 5 meters and it is surrounded by a birch grove. Here it is nice to just take a walk, take beautiful pictures and enjoy the nature.

Park Im. I.v.koroteyeva

After sunset, return to Iskitim. Before dinner you can visit the local park of culture and leisure.

Cafe Panda

Have dinner at the coziest cafe in town. There is a large choice of meat dishes, rolls and pizza for adults. And for younger guests there is a children's menu.

Day 2: Outdoor Activities

The second day of this little trip will be very active. You will go skiing and snowmobiling at the skiing complex, and then stop by the kennel, where the charming huskies live, and take a walk along the eco-trail.

Alpine skiing complex "Novososedovo"

Time to have fun and stock up on good vibes for the month ahead! "Novososedovo has 7 slopes of different levels of complexity. You can rent: alpine skis, cross-country skis, snowboards and snowtubes. More about the complex on [website](http://www.novososedovo.ru/).


If you get hungry, head to the on-site café where you can have a delicious lunch and warm up with hot tea.

Fort Husky

After the active entertainment you can visit the kennel "Fort Husky", where you will have a fascinating tour around the territory, show a private museum with interesting exhibits and have tea with dumplings. You can also take a dog sled ride and cuddle with these wonderful animals. Sign up in advance, you'll find contacts at [website](https://forthusky.vsite.biz/).

Berd rocks

Before going back to Novosibirsk, take a walk along "Zveroboy" ecotrope to the mountain top, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the Berd River valley. The route is not very long, but very picturesque. You need to walk about 2 kilometers. Children won't have time to get tired.

Bar and Grill "Fun village"

Dine at the cozy grill bar, where you will be fed with the tastiest dishes of Russian and Bulgarian cuisine. The interior brings you into a country manor with a fireplace, earthenware and rustic décor elements. If you wish you can roast kebabs yourself by booking a warm barbecue gazebo. To reserve a table and ask all your questions please call: +7-913-922-14-10. You can reserve barbeque gazebo by phone: +79835102730.