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A weekend outdoors for hikers and extremists.

Road Trip Route. Deer brooks, Picturesque quarry, Kabalinskoe springs, Monument Europe-Asia, Active recreation on the ski complex.

Travel for those who are tired of the city bustle and want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Urals nature. In one day you will see picturesque rocky banks of the Sergi River, look into caves, get acquainted with local endemic plants, and if you are lucky you will meet wild animals in their natural habitat, breathe in the scent of pines and listen to the sounds of nature. Also, ride the mountain slopes with the breeze! And to feel comfortable in travel, take comfortable clothes and shoes with you!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Yekaterinburg

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Ural nature

The day will begin with a visit to a very beautiful career, then we will stop near the monument Europe-Asia. Then we will go for a walk in the picturesque natural park, then we will go to the springs and walk along the pines, and then we will go to the ski complex.


Gazpromneft filling station #28

Start your journey by refueling at Gazprom Neft filling stations, grab coffee and fresh pastries on the way to make your trip more comfortable!

Career village of Severka

The trip will begin with a visit to a very picturesque flooded quarry, located in the village of Severka. We will walk and take beautiful pictures!

Европа - Азия

On the way to the nature park we will make a stop near the monument symbolizing the border between Europe and Asia. The monument is a 30-meter stele, on top of which you can see a double-headed eagle.

Природный парк "Оленьи ручьи"

After overcoming quite a long way, go for a hike to the "Deer Streams" Nature Park. It is an ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and soak up the energy of nature! The park is rich in fauna and flora, here you can meet badgers and foxes, and walking along the river, come across a beaver dam. Following the forest trails, there is a chance to meet timid deer as well. There are several trails for tourists. The most popular route is about six kilometers long, it passes through caves, rocky banks of the Sergi river, also through several types of forest. If you want to explore the caves and climb the rocky ledges, do it in the company of a guide, the contacts can be found on the official [park website](http://olen.ur.ru/servandprice).

Café "Forest Cuisine"

After a good walk, it's time to have lunch and recuperate in the cafe. Here you can taste salted meat, goulash, roast, drink tea with local herbs and much more!

Kabalinskoe springs

We will continue to enjoy the nature of the Urals and visit the Kabala springs. We will walk along paths along pine trees, get fresh air and enjoy beauty, silence and calmness. In the winter, you can go for a ride on "toy" here.

ГЛК Гора Волчиха

And now it's time to actively rest on the ski complex! The complex has several slopes of varying difficulty. Here you can go skiing, snowboarding, tubing. Everyone will find something to enjoy! More details about the work of the complex can be found [on site](http://www.volchixa.ru).


After an active rest for dinner we will go to a cafe located in the rental building. The menu offers European cuisine: salads, hot dishes. Enjoy your meals and warm up with a cup of tea!