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A weekend in an atmosphere of creativity

Road Trip Route. Stroll along the paths of Demidovsky Park, Learn about the history of the Nabokovs and Rukavishnikovs at Rozhdestvenno estate, Delve into the artworks of Nikolay Rerikh, Have dinner at an old castle, .

If you are interested in the theme of art, creativity and life of the great people of the past centuries, then this trip is definitely for you! You will start the day with a walk around the Demidovs' estate, then visit Rozhdestvenskoe, where you will learn about the life and work of V.V. Nabokov. You will also visit the manor house, which is connected with the childhood of the great artist N.K. Roerich.

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Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The beauty of old homesteads

Today you will walk through Demidovsky park, visit Rozhdestvenno estate, about which Vladimir Nabokov wrote in "The Other Shores", and then plunge into the creative atmosphere of Nikolay Roerich's estate in Izvara. And at the end of the day you will have dinner in a real castle.

Saint Petersburg

Усадьба Демидовых

Start the day with a walk through Demidov Park. Take a photo at the Gothic gate and see the luxurious facades of the main building.

Museum-Estate "Rozhdestveno"

The Rozhdestvenno estate was often visited by the young Vladimir Nabokov. His vivid childhood memories found a place on the pages of his autobiographical novel "The Other Shores". A large part of the museum collection is devoted to Nabokov and his hobbies. After the museum, you can take a walk through the manor park where the trees have been standing for over 200 years. If you walk a little further, you can see small caves and springs that gush out of the rocks. Locals believe that the water of one of the springs has healing properties! Note that the museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The tour can be booked by phone at [website](https://vk.com/rozhdestvenomus).

Арт-кафе «Извара»

Before you start immersing yourself in the creative environment of Nikolai Roerich's manor, drop in at the cosy café at the cultural centre "Izvara 15". Have a fragrant tea and taste local pastries.

Усадьба Н.К. Рериха

Next stop is the estate of Russian artist, archaeologist and defender of the natural heritage of humanity N.K. Roerich. In the museum itself you will find an exhibition of artifacts found once by Roerich, as well as an exposition dedicated to his work and family. The house consists of 8 exposition halls, where you can see his personal belongings, household items of that time, clothes, dishes and folk art of the XVII-XIX centuries. In addition to the manor house on the territory there are also nine buildings built several centuries ago, a large park with unique species of trees and small ponds. You can book an excursion by calling 8-813-73-73-273. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday, the reception closes at 4:30 pm. Up to 5 guests can be in the exhibit halls at one time, and up to 25 guests can be outdoors.

Palace Park (Дворцовый парк)

Before heading out for dinner, make a short stop in Gatchina: stroll through the park alleys, take pictures by the bridges, and gaze at the graceful architectural structures in the sunset.

Ресторан БИП

Finish your trip with a dinner at a no less interesting place - the BIP Restaurant, which was built back in the 18th century by order of Paul I. The restaurant's exterior resembles an ancient castle, and only antique tableware is used here for serving dishes. It's better to book a table in advance, by phone, listed on [website](https://bip-hotel.ru/restaurant.html).

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