Visit the estates of the great poets.. Explore the city of Tula and find a horseshoe.. To see the oldest Russian Kremlin in the city of Zaraysk.. Buy local sweets.

A walk through the manors of great writers

Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Chekhov, Andrei Bolotov - universally recognized classics of world literature. Each of them is brilliant, each of them is unique and unforgettable. On this journey, you have the opportunity to touch the era of each of them, visiting their manors and family estates. The travel scenario also includes routes to two historically important cities - Tula and Zaraisk. In each of them you will see the Kremlin, which is much older than the main Kremlin of the country! Don't forget to buy Tula gingerbread and Belove Pastille - the main delicacies of this region.

A walk through the manors of great writers

3 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - Arts and Creativity, Families with Kids - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Arts and Creativity, Families with Kids

Day 1: The estates of L.N. Tolstoy and A.T. Bolotov.

The first destination is the estate of Andrey Timofeyevich Bolotov, a famous Russian scientist, philosopher, writer and encyclopedist. Then you will visit the estate belonging to the Tolstoy family - Yasnaya Polyana. This is where the great Leo Tolstoy was born, lived and created. You will spend the evening in the ancient city of Tula, here and stay here for the night.
Visiting: Tula, Taganskiy, Dvoryaninovo, Tul'skaya Oblast', Pervomayskiy

Day 2: We explore Tula in the footsteps of history.

In the morning you will plunge into the history of different eras of the city of Tula and buy the famous Tula delicacies! In the afternoon you will drive east to the city of Zaraysk, where you will stay overnight.
Visiting: Tula, Zaraysk, Serebryanyye Prudy

Day 3: F.M. Dostoevsky and A.P. Chekhov are visiting.

This day will be no less intense. You will visit the oldest Kremlin in Russia in Zaraysk. You will visit the great poets: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky and Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.
Visiting: Zaraysk, Taganskiy, Strelkovo, Stupino, Darovoye, Melikhovo