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A visit to the center of Russian Europe

A visit to the center of Russian Europe
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Dubna Science City was a closed city for a long time. Did you know that this is where the synchrophasotron is located?
And the fact that many famous physicists lived here, like Frederick Joliot-Curie? This city is unique in its unique atmosphere of intellectual creativity. This journey is a return to the past, to the times of the USSR.
Valeria Azuevskaya
Valeria Azuevskaya
Travel Expert
  • Excursion to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.
  • DK Mir.
  • One of the largest monuments to Lenin.
  • Monument "Center of Russian Europe".

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Hello, Dubna!
Day 1284 km20 m

Hello, Dubna!

Proceed to the Moskva Canal to see the famous Lenin Monument. Moscow Canal to see the famous monument to Lenin. Visit the museum of cruise missiles and learn why Dubna is called the Center of Russian Europe.
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