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A trip to unusual historical places in the Kurgan region

Road Trip Route. Find the geographic center of the Kurgan region, To visit the cemetery of old equipment, To see the oldest operating mill in the Urals., Learn the tragic fate of the church in the village of Chineauovo., Visit the first church of faith in Orenburg province, Get to know the history of the town of Kurtamysh, .

This journey will open you to a world of unexplored Kurgan sights. Tiny villages with majestic ruins of churches, a cemetery of cars, the oldest Ural mill - will be interesting and informative!

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Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Geographical center of Kurgan region, cemetery of old equipment, the oldest Ural mill and museum of Kurtamysh.

Today you will visit the village Chineyevo, where the geographical center of Kurgan region is situated, you will have a look into three ruined but very beautiful churches with a fascinating history. You will also have a chance to walk through the cemetery of old cars and buses, behind which hides the oldest working mill in the Urals. The end of the day will be a visit to the local history museum in the town of Kurtamysh and a tasty dinner. To avoid wasting time for lunch, take sandwiches and stock up on water.


Gazpromneft filling station #313

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Cineyevo village

The village of Chineaevo was founded in 1732. A century later, a wooden Modest Church appeared here, which in 1900 was rebuilt from stone and named after St. Vlasia and Modest, patrons of animals and cattle breeding. The church was unwanted in Soviet times. In 1961, the domes were ripped off it, the iconostasis was destroyed, and the icons laid out a path from the district house of culture to the toilet. Thus, the valuables taken from the ancestors died. Today, the church is in ruins. Another attraction is the monument, marking the geographical center of the Kurgan region. Physicists, geographers and programmers calculated the center of the Trans-Ural region. Nearby is the sign "kilometre zero", which became a starting point for travelers.

Church of the Savior Not Made by Handicraft

Sladkokarasinskoye village was founded back in 1750s. The old church of the Savior Not Made by Hands - the first church of the same faith on the territory of the huge Orenburg province - has been preserved here. In the 1930s, due to religious persecution, the church was closed. In the abandoned building, the residents placed a modest wooden cross and several icons. The temple is very dilapidated, but nobody is going to restore it yet.

Cemetery of old technique

In the "cemetery" of old machinery in the village of Elizavetinka found the rest of tractors, buses and cars of the Soviet era, written off from the balance at the enterprises or in accidents. He never remembers when they started storing unsuitable equipment here - most likely in the early 90s. Here you can find the once popular cars "Moskvich", "Lada" or "UAZ". Something else is to be repaired, while other cars are just a pile of iron - quite impressive.

Ivinsk mill

Near the cemetery of cars is the oldest mill in the Urals - Ivinskaya. It has been working since 1896, stopping only on big orthodox holidays. Surprisingly, the complex of buildings made of red brick and wood can be visited without special permission and payment. Steam mill was built near the river Yurgamysh by the enterprising owner of shops YA Ivin. He was remembered as a careful owner who took care of simple workers. After his death, the mill was run by his adopted son Dmitry - an illegitimate child, Ivin was brought up by a well-known excise official.

Ascension Church

The Ascension Church in the village of Zakomaldino was built in 1894 at the expense of parishioners. The church has an unusual architecture, which is in dilapidated condition. During the Soviet era, the church housed a workshop, a gym and a mill. Today the church is in operation, but for more than 10 years the restoration of the building and the surrounding area has been underway.

Kurtamyshsky History Museum named after ND Tomina

Finally, take a look at the Kurtamysh Local History Museum. N.D. Tomin Museum of Local History. It is located in a very beautiful building - a two-storey house from 1966. [Museum](http://museum.ru/M881) tells about the history of the region in antiquity, development and settlement of the region, crafts and trades, life of peasants in the late XIX and early XX centuries. In a separate hall you can admire the reconstructed interior of the shop of merchant Krulevich. Work schedule: Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00 (break 12:00-13:00) Saturday and Sunday are days off.

Rolly I Pitstsa

You can have dinner here, in Kurtamash. Nice selection of rolls, pizzas and desserts - all at affordable prices! Dinner at this cozy restaurant will be a great ending to an interesting trip.