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A trip in the Arab-Norman UNESCO site in Sicily

A trip in the Arab-Norman UNESCO site in Sicily
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Welcome to Palermo, a city of sourthen Italy and the capital of the region of Sicily. I'm Jasmine Blanco and I will be your guide in this trip: we are going to visit the "Arab-Norman UNESCO site" which is a serial site, made by a group of monuments, and one of the most interesting itinerary of our beautiful island. Together, we will discover the beauties that the Arab and the Norman dominations in our land left us; it will be a full immersion in an important artistic and historical period. Our itinerary will start to Palermo and will continue to nearby Monreale and Cefalù. So now let's get ready to enjoy this trip, to discover an itinerary that will surprise us!
Credits: This tour was made by Jasmine Tiffany Blanco, as a multimedia tourist and storytelling project for the "Laboratory of formal technical writing (storytelling and gamification)", under the coordination of Prof. Elisa Bonacini, within the ITS 2-years COURSE "Higher Technician for the management of tourist accommodation facilities and cultural activities", 2019-2021, founded by the ITS Archimede Foundation at the CUMO Eastern Mediterranean University Consortium, in Noto (Syracuse).
ITS Fondazione Archimede Turism&Culture
ITS Fondazione Archimede Turism&Culture
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  • WHL UNESCO sites.
  • Discovering the Norman Kings.
  • Incredible gold mosaics and monuments.
  • Traditional food.

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Travel Itinerary

Day 1- Palermo
Day 140 km2 km

Day 1- Palermo

As soon as you arrive in the Palermo airport, rent a car and drive to the apartment that will hosts you! Let's do check in, have lunch and then we start the tour from the Palazzo dei Normanni, then we will go first to the near Palazzo dei Normanni with the Cappella Palatina inside, starting to know the wonders that the Normans left in the city!
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Day 2- Monreale and Palermo
Day 234 km135 m

Day 2- Monreale and Palermo

Our second day I will take you to Monreale to visit another great Norman UNESCO site, take a little tour of the city, and then return to Palermo and visit other places in the city!
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Day 3- Cefalù and Palermo
Day 3143 km3 km

Day 3- Cefalù and Palermo

The third day I will take you to Cefalù, a journey that will make you discover a very beautiful sea town and another Norman jewel which is part of the UNESCO list of our itinerary! In the afternoon we will back in Palermo, to continue our visit of the city!
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Day 4- Last day in Palermo and departure
Day 445 km

Day 4- Last day in Palermo and departure

This is our's last day here! Let's have a good breakfast before going out to visit the last places on our list! The very first step will be the last splendid points of interest in the city; like the Zisa or the Massimo Theater! Let's allow yourselves one last typical lunch and then you can finally go to the airport waiting for your flight home!
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