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A mystical route through abandoned estates

Road Trip Route. Gostlitsy, Lopukhinka Estate, Copor fortress, Demidovs Estate.

If you are fond of history and mysticism, like extreme sports and mysterious atmosphere, then this unusual trip through the abandoned manors of the Leningrad region will charge you with energy and provide an unforgettable experience. Start your trip with a visit to the dilapidated church in Russko-Vysotskoye, see the manor house that belonged to A. Potemkin, explore the medieval fortress and take a photo against the background of the Gothic gates of Demidovsky Park. This day will be spent in the fresh air, so it's worth to dress warmly and take a thermos with hot tea.

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Margarita Glumova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Abandoned estates

Spend a day in the atmosphere of antiquity walking through abandoned manor houses.

Saint Petersburg

Хлебная Усадьба

The route will be out of town, so there will be no cafe stop for lunch. Stop by the bakery on the way and pick up some hot coffee and fresh pastries for a snack on the way.

Храм Святителя Николая Чудотворца

The first stop of our journey is the ruins of the church of St. Nicholas, located in the village of Russkoe-Vysotskoye. Construction of the temple began in the second half of the XVIII century by decree of the favorite of Empress Catherine II Gregory Orlov. According to local residents, in Soviet times the temple was repeatedly tried to blow up, but nobody managed to do that, and its ancient walls, even if in semi-destroyed condition, have been preserved to this day. Today the church is a place of attraction for photographers and amateurs of the ancient times, and services are held in the chapel located nearby.

Усадьба Гостилицы

Gostilitsy is a popular manor, one of the first buildings with electricity. It is a place where the whole society of St. Petersburg used to flock to balls. Despite the fact that now there are only ruins here, the history and atmosphere of this place attracts many mystics and adventurers.

Копорская крепость

The ancient fortress of Koporje is a medieval defensive complex built in 1237 by the knights of the Livonian Order. It is a place steeped in centuries-old history, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. In connection with restoration works the pass inside the fortress is closed, but it does not prevent to estimate the scale of the ancient structure, walking around and examine the dilapidated temple. And walking a little bit against the stream of the river Koporka, you will see a small waterfall, which does not freeze even in the cold season.

Усадьба Демидовых

Another interesting manor, built during the reign of Peter the Great. In the 1770s, the territory passed into the ownership of A. G. Demidov, a mining industrialist. G. Demidov. During his reign a large estate with park zone was built here. Nowadays the main part of the estate has not preserved, the main building is mothballed. However, this does not prevent us from seeing the impressive exteriors and taking a walk in the park, which keeps its history and secrets.


For dinner we stop at the restaurant Nordic, which is popular for its gastronomic delights of the Nordic countries. In addition to the delicious food, the interior is stylish and the staff is friendly.

Saint Petersburg