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A hike and a falling tower

Road Trip Route. Three Sisters Rocks, God's gift" spring, Nevyanskaya Tower.

A day trip for lovers of winter hiking in the mountains. Dress warmly, comfortable shoes are a must. Take food with you for snacks during the day and during the hike, stop by the holy spring to collect water. The first half of the day is an adventure on a hike to the Three Sisters Cliffs. Be sure to bring offline maps, phones with a full charge, and external batteries just in case. The hike isn't very difficult, but extra caution won't hurt in the winter. After the hike you will visit the town of Nevyansk and its famous tower, as well as the museum with 700 icons.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Picturesque mountains and rocks of the Urals

The Ural Mountains are rich in unique natural and architectural monuments. Today there will be both.


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The spring of God's gift.

Leave your car in the parking lot at the western outskirts of the village of Kirpichny, be sure to take your container and take a short walk to the spring through the picturesque forest. A landscaped trail with wooden planking leads to the spring and the small wooden chapel above it, so it is impossible to get lost.

Parking by the lake

Leaving the car in the parking lot by a small lake. A car with cross-country ability can drive straight to the rocks, unless there was heavy rain or snowfall the day before.

The Rocks Three Sisters

It's about 3 km to the rocks. Each is about 20 m high and one of them, the "senior", has a small grotto. The "junior" can be climbed without equipment, from the flat top you can see well other rocks - these are known to all Seven Brothers. The origin of the Three Sisters and Seven Brothers cliffs is a common legend. Once upon a time there were seven brothers and three sisters. One day the brothers went hunting, and in their absence nomads attacked the village, burned houses and captured the sisters. When the brothers returned, they caught the ashes and went on a chase. They quickly caught up with the nomads and gave them a fight. But the forces were unequal, and unfortunately, the brothers fell to the death of the brave. And the three sisters stabbed themselves with daggers so that their enemies wouldn't get to them.

Nevyanskaya Tower

If you have energy after the hike, go to the famous leaning tower in Nevyansk. In the evenings, the tower and the Transfiguration Cathedral are illuminated and familiar sights appear in a completely new light.

Historic center of Nevyansk

Take a free stroll around the historic center, then head to the museum to warm up before it closes.

Museum "House of the Nevyansk Icon"

by Evgeny Roizman's private museum based on his collection. There are more than 700 Nevyansk icons from the 18th-20th centuries. Open until 18:00 on weekdays, until 17:00 on Saturday. Sunday is a day off.

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