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A hike and a falling tower

A hike and a falling tower
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11 Hours


By Car


220 km




🎅 Winter TripsHistory and CultureActive Leisure
A day trip for lovers of winter hiking in the mountains. Dress warmly, comfortable shoes are a must. Take food with you for snacks during the day and during the hike, stop by the holy spring to collect water.
The first half of the day is an adventure on a hike to the Three Sisters Cliffs. Be sure to bring offline maps, phones with a full charge, and external batteries just in case. The hike isn't very difficult, but extra caution won't hurt in the winter.
After the hike you will visit the town of Nevyansk and its famous tower, as well as the museum with 700 icons.
Александра Нуркаева
Александра Нуркаева
Travel Expert
  • Three Sisters Rocks.
  • God's gift" spring.
  • Nevyanskaya Tower.
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Picturesque mountains and rocks of the Urals
Day 1220 km3 km

Picturesque mountains and rocks of the Urals

The Ural Mountains are rich in unique natural and architectural monuments. Today there will be both.
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