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Day 4327 km

Polenovo, contemporary art and the Bird Park

In the morning you will visit the museum-estate of the famous artist V. Polenov.
Then there's a rather unusual place waiting for you - the Art Museum of Garbage. And although the name is not very appealing, you will be pleasantly surprised.
In the afternoon - a walk in the only bird park in the country.
Photo author: Timofey Nazarov@Wikipedia Commons

Day Itinerary

87.3 km1 h 30 min
10:451 h

Музей-заповедник В. Д. Поленова

Art Museum
Open Details
The V.Polenov Museum-Reserve was opened in 1931. The museum-reserve includes the House nad Oka, outbuildings, workshop, boat shed, Trinity Church in the village of Behovo, manor park and garden, the tomb of V. Polenov, as well as forests and agricultural land near the estate. Almost everything here was built according to Polenov's drawings, even the church. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday. There are excursions in the museum. You can buy a ticket for some events online.
92.3 km1 h 30 min
13:1545 min

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"

Open Details
An unusual museum, where all the exhibition objects are made of unnecessary things. There are free master classes on weekends. Plastic lids and old knitwear can also be handed in here - and they may become the basis for new art objects.

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