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    Day 1

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    Exploring the Dutch Countryside With an Eye on the Future and a Door to the Past

    Today is going to be amazing as you discover new and exciting techniques to combat climate change as you visit the world's largest pumping station.
    You'll have a chance to fuel up your belly and your EV before setting off for an enchanting afternoon at an ancient monastery for more exploration and discovery.
    Later, you'll drive across the border to Germany for an evening at an authentic German Inn nestled in a charming, forested village.


    Rally the kids and be sure your EV is fully powered before you set off for this amazing two-day trip through the Dutch and Western German countryside.
    66.4 mi
    1 hr 20 min
    Wouda pumping station
    10:002 hrs

    Wouda pumping station

    Open Details
    Get ready to be amazed as you visit UNESCO World Heritage Ir. DF Woudagemaal, the world's largest pumping station!
    With an eye on the issue of climate change, the Wouda pumping station will educate you and your children about how they are aiming to combat these rising concerns and the consequences of climate change.
    Here you'll learn about the latest technologies used for the current pumping station while also visiting the history and culture of the past.
    Opening Hours 1 February – 1 October Wednesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00 Sunday – Tuesday: Closed
    1 October – 24 December Wednesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00 Sunday: 13:00 – 17:00 Monday – Tuesday: Closed
    Closed from 24 December through the month of January.
    Purchase advance tickets online
    Tickets include a free guided tour, including the multimedia tour.
    12.3 mi
    20 min
    12:301 hr 30 min


    Fast Food Restaurant
    Open Details
    Grab lunch, settle back and let the kids visit the play area while you upload photos and catch up on social media while your car is charging at the EV station here.
    Type: CCS 1 station, 1 plug Power: 50 kW
    76.6 mi
    1 hr 30 min
    Monastery Ter Apel
    15:301 hr 30 min

    Monastery Ter Apel

    Open Details
    This monastery from 1465 is beautifully situated in the forest along an ancient trade route.
    Visitors and travelers have been welcomed for centuries, and today you have the chance to visit! The Monastery Ter Apel is a celebrated place of art and culture that welcomes even the youngest visitors, who will delight over the prospect of putting on a habit and having their photo dressed as a monk.
    Take a step back in time to learn how the monks lived and feel free to explore the herb garden and Kloosterbos which are a joy to use as an outdoor playground.
    Opening Hours Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00 Sunday and holidays: 13:00 – 17:00 Monday: Closed
    53.9 mi
    1 hr
    EnBW Charging Station
    18:0010 min

    EnBW Charging Station

    Open Details
    You can charge your car here.
    Type: CCS 3 stations, 3 plugs Power: 50 kW
    0.7 mi
    15 min
    Restaurant Mira Holzkohlegrill
    18:301 hr 30 min

    Restaurant Mira Holzkohlegrill

    Open Details
    Just a short walk away from the charging station is the Mira Holzkohlegrill where you can enjoy dinner with your family this evening.
    The open concept invites you to watch as the cooks fire up the grill for the Turkish specialities.
    Phone +4925537212746
    Opening Hours Tuesday – Sunday: 16:00 – 23:00 Monday: Closed
    Have a look at the menu here.
    0.7 mi
    15 min
    EnBW Charging Station
    20:155 min

    EnBW Charging Station

    Open Details
    Return here to collect your fully charged car and drive to your hotel for the evening.
    11.9 mi
    25 min
    Hotel Winter
    20:4512 hrsHotels

    Hotel Winter

    Family-friendly Hotel Winter is located close to Münster in the picturesque Eggerode village of Western Germany and has everything you need for a cozy evening with the family, included a cozy communal space.
    This traditional hotel with spacious rooms is a countryside gem where you and your children can explore the surrounding natural green spaces on foot.
    The wonderful atmosphere of the restaurant and included breakfast buffet will be sure to please everyone!
    Day 2
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