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A Day in the Mayfair District with Evgeny Chichvarkin

A Day in the Mayfair District with Evgeny Chichvarkin
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Ever since Evgeny Chichvarkin opened Hedonism Wines on Davies Street, he's become not just a frequent visitor, but practically a resident of the Mayfair neighborhood. We asked him to recommend places "in the neighborhood" worth going to in order to engage in hedonism.
Evgeniy Chichvarkin
Evgeniy Chichvarkin
Travel Expert
  • Feel like a hedonist.
  • Find a rare edition of your favourite book.
  • Meditate in an urban garden.

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The best place to work in London is Mayfair.
Day 14 km

The best place to work in London is Mayfair.

Because there are no social houses here, though there are occasional visiting tourists. Because it's a concentration of money and fashion and banks and flagship stores. Weird Arabs live here, even weirder Russians, French, Americans. It's all jumbled up. Quiet modest billionaires, pompous bankrupts - blooming, glittering and splashing. Ancient clubs, auction houses, diamond placers, bums, who ask for 35 thousand pounds from every passer-by. More than 40 Michelin stars if you add up all the restaurants. And probably another 100 if you add hotels. In 2005, the bourgeois part of the area was the little slice between New Bond Street and Old Bond Street, and that - the bottom store is decent, and the top is something dirty, incomprehensible. The way the city neatly changes every summer or fall can be seen with the naked eye. It is slowly turning into a place pleasant for walking, beautiful, quiet, bright, clean. And six or seven years ago, some of the streets were uncomfortable to walk through in the evening because they looked like the back alleys of Jack the Ripper. And if you look at the projects that appear there now, it is clear that hundreds of millions of pounds have been invested in the city.
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