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300 km of history

300 km of history
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15 Hours


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329 km




History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
It is a journey for those who like to see a lot of places in one day and love the road. I advise you to take a trip on Friday or Saturday, because these days the Kremlin in Rostov is open until 8 pm and then you will not miss a single point in your journey. During the day you will travel 318 km, see three historical cities of the Yaroslavl region, three different embankments, the Mouse Museum and the Museum of Myths and Superstition, two Kremlin, one of which will be in the skin of Ivan Vasilyevich, the one who changed his profession. After a happy return home, you will review old comedies of Gaidai.
Anna Semochkina
Anna Semochkina
Travel Expert
  • Mouse Museum.
  • Merchants' Estate Chistovykh.
  • Uglich Kremlin.
  • Museum of myths and superstitions.
  • Holy Spring in Kondakovo.
  • Rostov Kremlin.
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300 km of history
Day 1329 km3 km

300 km of history

Start your journey from the city of Myshkin - the city for those who want to immerse themselves in the charm of merchant, pre-revolutionary time - right in the XIX century. Then you'll find the ancient Uglich - a picturesque Russian city on the break of the Volga River. And, of course, unforgettable Rostov the Great. By the way, there are only three cities in Russia with prefix Veliky Novgorod, Ustyug and Rostov Veliky. Three cities - three stories and three hundred kilometers.
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