village Pogorelovo

village Pogorelovo

Historic Site

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A house-house in the village of Pogorelovo was built in 1903 by a local worker I.D. Polyashov, who got rich during repair work of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. He also erected a chapel here and several other buildings in the neighbouring villages of Chukhloma uyezd that also belonged to him. After the Revolution of 1917 the Soviet authorities took the house for themselves, leaving an honorary citizen and the largest local landowner one room on the ground floor. The rest housed peasant families and the village council. After the last one left the tower in 1972, it began to collapse and hardly survived, if not for a successful combination of circumstances. The avant-garde artist, poet and translator Anatoly Zhigalov accidentally saw the house during a canoe trip and bought it out of the state. By the 90s there were no more inhabitants in Pogorelovo, all buildings were gradually destroyed, and only the tower rises almost in its original form.


Address: Kostroma region, Chukhloma district, v. Pogorelovo.

Coordinates: 43.137106,58.816884