Salgi Tower complex

Salgi Tower complex

Historic Site, Mountain, Nature Preserve

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Salgi (Xialg) is a castle-type tower village on the crest of a mountain range at the beginning of the Salgi (Chulkhoi) gorge, on the right bank of the Chulkha River. The settlement occupies a strategically important position, blocking the passage to the gorge villages along the lower trail that faces Georgia. Two combat towers, ten dwelling towers with various stone outbuildings and defensive walls of the late Middle Ages, mostly in ruins, are now preserved here. On the north side is a necropolis, in which a two-chamber crypt with a lancet arch is of interest. According to a legend, Salgi was built by people from the village of Magogote, located next to the mountain range. The Salgievs, the Salgirievs, the Dodovs, the Elzharkievs, the Marzievs, the Dzaurovs, the Dudarovs and other Ingush surnames belonging to the Salgha teipa. In the late Middle Ages, Salgiriy was the administrative, political and cultural centre of the Chulkhoi gorge. It was famous for its high-quality blacksmithing and weaponry (bows, crossbows and draughts), connoisseurs of folk medicine and natural phenomena, wise priests and priests (for example, Maha Dzaurov is known) and brave warriors horsemen. On the southern side of the village of Salgi, on a mountain slope, until the mid-19th century, locals were actively mining nitrate, which was used to prepare miscellaneous powder. The latter, along with samples of hand-held flint firearms, was skillfully produced by skilled craftsmen of Salgi village.


Address: Jeyrakh district, Republic of Ingushetia

Coordinates: 44.837843,42.742754