Lyalakh Tower Complex

Lyalakh Tower Complex

Historic Site, Mountain, Nature Preserve

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Lyalakh, a large castle-type tower village in the Chulkhoi (Salgino) gorge. To the north-west, the settlement's territory is bounded by a ravine with a stream running underneath, a steep bank of the Chulkha River from the south, and a shallow ravine from the east. To the north, there is the Rocky Range and the Tsei Loam Mountain. Three combat towers are located in the lower row of the settlement (one of them collapsed in 2008), while 22 dwelling towers were built higher up the slope under their cover. The Lolokhoyevs, the Mussiyevs, the Zeytovs, the Yevloevs, the Dobrievs, the Sukiyevs, the Timirbiyevs, the Cheborziyevs, the Shadyzhevs, the Gogiyevs and other Ingush families came out of Lyalakh. According to historians, the famous architect Arsmak lived here, who erected many high-strength different types of stone structures not only in Ingushetia, but also in neighbouring parts of mountainous Georgia and North Ossetia. Local girls knew how to embroider with gold and silver threads, and were skilled dressmakers.


Address: Lyalakh village, Jeyrakh district, Republic of Ingushetia

Coordinates: 44.847438,42.80322