Cesenoyam Lake

Cesenoyam Lake


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A rubble lake on the border of the Vedeno district of the Chechen Republic and the Botlikh district of Dagestan. It belongs to the Sulak River basin. A natural hydrological monument of regional importance. It is situated in the belt of subalpine meadows. It feeds on the inflowing watercourses and groundwater. It has no surface runoff. The water level is subject to strong fluctuations, both seasonal and long-term, which depend on the amount of precipitation within its catchment. In summer the water in the lake warms up to 17-18 °С. The thickness of the ice cover in winter reaches 60-80 cm. The volume of water is 62 million m³. The altitude is 1854 m above sea level. The surface area is 1.7 km², of which 1.5 km² is within Chechnya.


Coordinates: 46.144202,42.773479