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    Day 1

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    We've just arrived in the capital city of global technical progress, San Francisco. Get ready for plenty of interesting impressions and positive emotions, and make all the necessary preparations today.
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    Nissan Sentra
    6:00 PM30 min

    Nissan Sentra or similar

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    13.9 mi
    20 min
    Pizzeria Delfina - Mission
    7:30 PM1 hr 30 min

    Pizzeria Delfina - Mission

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    A distinctive feature of Pizzeria Delfina is that the food here is made exclusively with farm-grown ingredients. Fresh vegetables and meat from nearby farms are delivered here daily.
    The main category of dishes on the menu is pizza, though it is impossible not to mention quite a good choice of salads, appetizers and drinks. Many visitors noted the excellent Neapolitan pizza, and the carbonara pizza was also praised many times.
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    Day 2
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