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    Day 1

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    Welcome to Salt Lake City!

    The first day is perfect for the city exploration. A visit to the Capitol, a delicious dinner and a rest in a hotel room are all you need to set the tone for your trip. Don't think there are a lot of such calm days ahead because your adventurous tour across the Utah national parks starts now.
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    Utah State Capitol
    7:00 PM1 hr

    Utah State Capitol

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    The Utah Capitol Building is located on a hill overlooking the city center. For many years, it held the title of one of the most prominent attractions of the state. Designed by local architect Richard Kletting, the Capitol is the government residence since its opening in 1916.
    Interesting fact: in 1999, the Salt Lake Valley was hit by a powerful tornado. It passed through the city and touched the corner of the hill where the Capitol was. After the storm, fallen trees found new life, being turned into the governor table still standing in the office.
    From Monday to Thursday, the Capitol building is open until 8:00 pm, from Friday to Sunday - until 6:00 pm. If you are near this magnificent building after its closure, enjoy its facades and continue the evening walk in the park across the road.
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    The Cheesecake Factory
    8:30 PM1 hr

    The Cheesecake Factory

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    The name of the restaurant sounds like the name of a candy shop. Actually, it is. This is a restaurant chain where delicious desserts are prepared.
    The restaurant offers not only a sweet delight, but also a wide selection of dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner. Enjoy a variety of salads, pizza, side dishes and deli meats in this place.
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    Day 2
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