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    Welcome to the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

    The city agglomeration of Phoenix, once romantically called the "Valley of the Sun", is one of the most interesting tourist capital in North America. There are many unique cultural, historical and natural sites of great interest here. Well, your acquaintance with this place today will be rather brief and confined to a pleasure cruise and familiarity with local cuisine. But do not worry, a lot more is coming.
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    Ford Fiesta
    5:45 PM30 min

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    9.9 mi
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    Steele Indian School Park
    7:00 PM45 min

    Steele Indian School Park

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    Steele Indian School Park is the main park for special events in the center of Phoenix with acres of green grass, shady avenues lined with lush trees, and special authentic surroundings.
    In the northern part of the park is a playground and areas equipped for playing volleyball and basketball. Dense vegetation covers a large area of the park with a shadow, creating a pleasant atmosphere for picnics and unhurried walks.
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    1.7 mi
    10 min
    Fry Bread House
    8:30 PM1 hr

    Fry Bread House

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    Fry Bread House is the best place in Phoenix to try Indian tacos. The restaurant offering an exceptional atmosphere is owned by the family of Cecilia Miller and is one of five "America's Classics" winners of the prestigious James Beard award among American Indian restaurants.
    The restaurant has an extensive gourmet menu, but, of course, it’s better to start with a classic Indian taco - beans, meat, cheese, tomatoes and salad. An indispensable complement to the main dish is salsa and some kind of refreshing or alcoholic drink.
    Please note that the restaurant closes at 3:00 pm on Sundays.
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