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    Day 1

    95 mi

    The evening before the trip to Reims

    Today begins our journey through the Champagne region, and our first stop will be the beautiful city of Reims. As soon as we arrive, we will rent a car and drive there, and on the way we will definitely stop for dinner at a cozy local restaurant.
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    BMW 3-series Touring
    6:00 PM30 min

    BMW 3-series Touringor similar

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    29.3 mi
    40 min
    La Pataterie Mareuil lès Meaux
    7:10 PM1 hr 30 min

    La Pataterie Mareuil lès Meaux

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    A place for dinner on the way to Reims. Fast, tasty and friendly.
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    Day 2
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