Weekend in Lisbon

Lisbon is the westernmost and one of the oldest capitals in Europe. A hundred years older than London! However, not many really ancient buildings have survived to this day. The city was severely affected by the earthquake, as well as by the tsunami and fire that resulted from it. It happened in 1755. Like Moscow, Lisbon stands on 7 hills, but they are much closer to each other, forming very steep slopes. Our weekend sightseeing will be full of great hiking trails, so be sure to take your comfortable shoes with you. And don't forget the beach amenities - the ocean is only 30 minutes away!

Weekend in Lisbon

4 days itinerary by Kirill Khomko - Weekend, Beach and Relax, Museums and Culture - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Weekend, Beach and Relax, Museums and Culture

Day 1: Welcome to Lisbon!

Lisbon is Europe's westernmost capital. There are not too many different sights here, as in 1755 the city was affected by an earthquake and the tsunami and fires that caused it. But very soon it was restored by the Marquês de Pombal and now has excellent safety. In the capital you will notice echoes of the imperial past of the city everywhere. These are mighty cathedrals, majestic palaces, attractive monuments to kings and marquises.
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Day 2: Walks around Lisbon and major historical attractions

The main thing worth coming here for is a long, leisurely stroll through the streets of Lisbon. Here you can admire the winding paths between the houses, sprinkled windows with flowerpots and elegant balconies, as well as see the beautiful azulejush - tiles on the houses. The pleasant sounds of Portuguese can be heard everywhere, creating an even more romantic atmosphere in the city. Walking is not without seeing Lisbon's main squares and sights.
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Day 3: Lisbon's beaches and museums

Today you'll discover Lisbon's beautiful beach, stroll along its promenades and visit interesting museums. All this is accompanied by a visit to the best seafood restaurants with beautiful views.
Visiting: Lisbon, Cascais, Almada, Oeiras

Day 4: Last day in Lisbon

Enjoy your last morning in the capital in a fine restaurant and don't forget to buy the necessary products in the shops.
Visiting: Lisbon