The ruins of city walls, churches and monasteries . Sightseeing platforms with unforgettable views . Porto University's atmospheric building and the famous Lello bookstore . Some fun at the sailing club and walks through the gardens and narrow streets of historic centres . Looking for the best cafes and restaurants with national and world cuisine.

Treasures of the Nation: History and Architecture

Relax and learn more about the various historical sites of Porto, Lisbon and the small historical castles, monasteries and towns that lie between them. An unforgettable journey into Portugal's refined architectural past, which shapes its heritage and wealth, awaits you. You will meet face to face with history, see the ruins of the city walls as a reminder of the belligerent past of the country, churches and monasteries as a testimony of the endless faith and strength of the spirit of the people. A journey through the monuments that have shaped the culture of the country is harmoniously combined with entertainment and gastronomic experience.

Treasures of the Nation: History and Architecture

7 days itinerary by Louis Abreu - Museums and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Museums and Culture

Day 1

Visiting: Porto

Day 2

Visiting: Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia

Day 3

Visiting: Porto, Guimaraes

Day 4

Visiting: Guimaraes

Day 5

Visiting: Guimaraes, Viana do Castelo

Day 6

Visiting: Viana do Castelo

Day 7

Visiting: Viana do Castelo, Porto