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Sport and SPA: From Lisbon to Sagres

Any journey involving sports adventures means that you will have an unforgettable vacation. Drive from Lisbon to Sagres in a rented car and you will have an opportunity to do sports, relax and enjoy the services.

Sport and SPA: From Lisbon to Sagres

7 days itinerary by Pestana Hotels & Resorts - - Car, 4 Hotels

Day 1

Visiting: Lisbon

Day 2

Visiting: Lisbon, Alcacer do Sal

Day 3

Visiting: Alcacer do Sal, Azenha do Mar, Odemira, Sines, Beja

Day 4

Visiting: Beja, Sagres

Day 5

Visiting: Sagres, Lagos

Day 6

Visiting: Sagres

Day 7

Visiting: Sagres