Relax on the Atlantic coast . Play golf on the best courses in the region and hone your skills with professional instructors . Take care of your body with spa treatments, detox programs and couch massages . Enjoy the purest beaches and endless sunshine by the ocean . Learn a little more about the Algarve region by visiting its monuments and taking a short boat trip to see the Algarve from the ocean.

SPA and Relaxation: Algarve Paradise

Stop, just for a moment. This scenario is your relaxing route along the picturesque southern coast, where the atmosphere of paradise reigns. Time here stops and gives guests of the Algarve an unforgettable holiday with a lot of different spa procedures, beach recreation and gastronomic experience. The script also contains a cognitive part, so that you can get as close as possible to the traditions of the region and feel part of it. If you dream of plunging into an atmosphere of tranquillity without thinking about anything, you do not need to count on anything. This scenario has already been created for you, and your comfort will be taken care of in the teeth.

SPA and Relaxation: Algarve Paradise

5 days itinerary by Louis Abreu - Beach and Relax - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax

Day 1

Visiting: Porches, Armacao de Pera, Alporchinhos

Day 2

Visiting: Armacao de Pera, Portimao, Silves

Day 3

Visiting: Armacao de Pera, Alvor, Portimao

Day 4

Visiting: Alvor, Portimao

Day 5

Visiting: Faro, Alvor, Portimao