Walk the streets of Marrakesh. Visit the real oasis and the city made of sand. Enjoy the shores of the Atlantic ocean.

South Morocco Road Trip

The Kingdom of Morocco attracts with its Arab exotic, magnificent beaches of the Atlantic, colourful fairs and delicious cuisine. It’s one of the few countries where you can experience traditional Arab exotics without sacrificing comfort and risking health at the same time. Besides, the locals care for tourists so much while being friendly. This tour begins and finishes at the airport of Marrakech, so you only need to add convenient flights from your city. The trip involves going by car the most period of time. You’ll have an opportunity to walk around the "Red City" Marrakesh, see the ancient ksar – a city-fortress that looks like a fairytale mirage in the desert, relax at the real oasis and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast. And if you are fond of surfing, then you should get here for sure.

South Morocco Road Trip

11 days itinerary by Inga Isupova - Beach and Relax, Museums and Culture, Nature and Hiking - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, Museums and Culture, Nature and Hiking

Day 1

Visiting: Marrakesh

Day 2

Visiting: Marrakesh, Marrakech-Medina

Day 3

Visiting: Marrakesh

Day 4

Visiting: Marrakesh, Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazat, Issiwid

Day 5

Visiting: Marrakesh, Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazat

Day 6

Visiting: Marrakesh, Lalla Takerkoust

Day 7

Visiting: Marrakesh, Agadir, Tarhat Ou Annkerim, Sidi Youssef

Day 8

Visiting: Agadir, Legzazma, Agadir-Ida-ou-Tnan

Day 9

Visiting: Agadir, Essaouira, Mesdi

Day 10

Visiting: Mesdi, Essaouira

Day 11

Visiting: Marrakesh, Mesdi