Smart & Friendly: Texas by car – Day 1: Acquaintance with Dallas

Since there is not much time after arrival, the first evening can be dedicated to a walk through the brightly lit streets of the city. It's also definitely worth trying some real Texas steaks at a restaurant nearby.
Smart & Friendly: Texas by car
Travel distance by car: 9 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Dallas, Corpus Christi

Trip duration: 8 days

Edward Harrington

Stay Alfred at MIRO

GMC Terrain

Happiest Hour

Bars, Lounges, Gastropubs

The first thing to pay attention to after the road is, of course, dinner. The city is known for its stunning steaks and other meat dishes. At Happiest Hour we can see for ourselves. You can have dinner on the open terrace or in a cosy room. It also makes sense to reserve a table, as it is quite crowded in the evenings.