You will visit the largest and most important church buildings in the region . Exploring the architectural features of the oldest buildings . Try seafood from local chefs . You'll be on the cleanest beaches.

Short Break: Contrasts of Algarve

The cozy and picturesque Algarve is mostly known for its resorts and numerous clean beaches. However, this is not all of the advantages of the region. The Algarve is bright and contrasting enough to please everyone who comes here for the first time. The Algarve offers unforgettable traditional recipes, national patterns and entertainment. In addition to the classic beach attractions, the region amazes history and architecture lovers. The largest of the Algarve's towns can be counted on their fingers, but there are so many historical monuments, architectural masterpieces and endless seascapes that it is simply impossible not to explore all the charm of ancient defensive structures and beautiful white churches, along with a wonderful relaxing holiday on the Algarve's paradise beaches.

Short Break: Contrasts of Algarve

4 days itinerary by Alexey Lukin - Museums and Culture, Beach and Relax - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Museums and Culture, Beach and Relax

Day 1

Visiting: Estoi, Tavira, Faro

Day 2

Visiting: Tavira, Faro, Estoi, Alfontes

Day 3

Visiting: Estoi, Sagres, Olhos de Agua

Day 4

Visiting: Estoi, Faro