Visit museums to get closer to the history of the cities you will visit . Evaluate the specifics of cooking national dishes by local chefs . Discover some of the most popular but no less beautiful churches . Visit national parks, beaches and unique natural reserves of the country . Enjoy a game of golf on scenic courses and breathtaking views of nature and modern life from the observation deck.

Relaxation and Unity with Nature: From Porto to Algarve

Is it possible to visit the largest cities of the country, but to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city? Of course, if you go on a trip in the "Uniting with Nature and Relaxation" scenario on the way from Porto to the Algarve. After all, Portugal is a country where natural resources are evenly distributed and provide an opportunity for harmonious and diverse recreation. On this trip you will find a brief cognitive part, more extensive entertainment (for example, golf) and endless rest alone with nature and yourself. You will visit gardens and natural parks, beaches and nature reserves throughout almost all of Portugal, on the road from Porto to Tavira.

Relaxation and Unity with Nature: From Porto to Algarve

7 days itinerary by Louis Abreu - Beach and Relax, Nature and Hiking - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, Nature and Hiking

Day 1

Visiting: Porto

Day 2

Visiting: Porto, Palmela, Mira de Aire, Porto de Mos

Day 3

Visiting: Palmela, Calhariz, Sesimbra, Vila Fresca, Outao

Day 4

Visiting: Palmela, Estoi, Cavaleiro, Monte do Pinheiro

Day 5

Visiting: Estoi, Santa Luzia, Vale de Caranguejo, Olhao

Day 6

Visiting: Estoi

Day 7

Visiting: Estoi, Faro