Pre-Columbian Mexican cities

What do you know about the history of Mexico? Various tribes of Indians lived here until they were almost killed out by the conquistadors, imposing their power and culture. But what kind was the culture of the Indians? How did they live? And what is true Mexico from within, with its national and historical colour? The way to find out the answers to these questions is to take a look at the ancient history of Mexico and its pre-Hispanic cities.

Pre-Columbian Mexican cities

8 days itinerary by Zoya Naumova - - Car, 6 Hotels

Day 1

Visiting: Santa Elena

Day 2

Visiting: Santa Elena, Uxmal, Xocchel

Day 3

Visiting: Santa Elena, Xocchel, Uayma

Day 4

Visiting: Uayma, Chichen-Itza, Chetumal

Day 5

Visiting: Chetumal, Chan Laguna, Nuevo Campanario

Day 6

Visiting: Nuevo Campanario, Palenque, Sara Simon

Day 7

Visiting: Palenque, Villahermosa

Day 8

Visiting: Villahermosa