The facilities are designed to make eating more comfortable for children.. You will stroll through the most picturesque parks. You go to museums and galleries where every member of the family will be interested..


It's a family trip to Oregon. It is quite short, and by the way, the route of the day is designed in such a way that even the youngest travelers are comfortable and nobody gets tired. During the trip we will try not only to visit museums, galleries and other interesting places for the whole family, but also to spend enough time outdoors - it is very important for children!


5 days itinerary by Darcy Moore - Families with Kids, Nature and Hiking, Museums and Culture - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Nature and Hiking, Museums and Culture

Day 1: Starting your journey from Portland

We arrived in a picturesque and very attractive city in Oregon! Today is a shortened day, we have not burdened it with various trips, so that even the youngest travelers do not overwork.
Visiting: Portland, Eugene

Day 2: We're exploring the nature of Portland.

On the second day of our trip we will go with our child to the famous children's museum and of course get some fresh air, taking a walk in the park and the sights.
Visiting: Portland, Eugene

Day 3: Attractions of the Seilhem

After visiting Portland, we went to see Seil. It's not a witch capital, but it's worth a visit, too. We will see a Chinese garden, visit a carousel loved by all children, take a walk in the park and even look at one monument dedicated to the war.
Visiting: Portland, Salem, Eugene

Day 4: Eugene's Parks

Today we're leaving Seylem for Eugene. It's our last day of the trip, and tomorrow we'll go home from here. We plan to take a walk in Eugene's parks, visit an art gallery and prepare for departure.
Visiting: Salem, Fall Creek, Eugene

Day 5: Saying goodbye and coming home.

That's it. We're gonna go rent out the car, and then we're gonna go home. The trip was very enjoyable and memorable.
Visiting: Eugene