Rent a car in Helsinki to enjoy the freedom of a road trip. Drive to the north up to the town of Vaasa. Get acquainted with local culture, traditions and food .

On the western coast of Finland

The Baltic Sea for centuries has determined the Finns’ fate. The first settlers, Christianity and culture from Western countries came here on its waves. This route runs along the coast of the Finnish Gulf and the Gulf of Bothnia, it includes a section along the old royal road to Turku from where we start our journey in a closed loop to the north.

On the western coast of Finland

7 days itinerary by Ekaterina Shmelkova - - Car, 6 Hotels

Day 1

Visiting: Helsinki

Day 2

Visiting: Helsinki, Espoo, Ekenaes, Teijo

Day 3

Visiting: Rauma, Teijo, Uusikaupunki, Salo

Day 4

Visiting: Pori, Rauma

Day 5

Visiting: Vaasa, Pori, Kristinestad

Day 6

Visiting: Vaasa, Turku, Kurikka, Tyoetilae, Tampere

Day 7

Visiting: Turku, Salo