Gastronomic variety and colour of the Ribeira market. Viewpoints and breathtaking views of Boca do Inferno. The main squares, monuments and the famous Jesus King. Natural Park Arrabida. The legendary museum of painted azulezhu tiles. Palaces and castles of the region. Total relaxation in the hotel’s SPA centre.

Gastronomic Thread: Tomar, Sintra and Lisbon

Each journey is a new book, on pages of which the traveller absorbs the sounds and flavours, colours and character of a place. A gastronomic journey does not mean that you will not learn anything about sights and local people. This scenario of gastronomic thread links Lisbon and the surrounding small towns. Each place will carry a cognitive element, impressions that will answer the question: why in this city is this kind of cuisine, people, restaurants and cafes. This scenario is the selection of the brightest culinary places that give a complete impression of the local cuisine, interspersed with unique monuments of culture, history and nature, meetings with new people and participating in the life of the city.

Gastronomic Thread: Tomar, Sintra and Lisbon

7 days itinerary by Pestana Hotels & Resorts - - Car, 3 Hotels

Day 1

Visiting: Lisbon

Day 2

Visiting: Lisbon, Tomar

Day 3

Visiting: Lisbon, Cascais, Rinchoa

Day 4

Visiting: Cascais

Day 5

Visiting: Cascais, Lisbon, Almada, Calhariz, Sesimbra

Day 6

Visiting: Sintra, Cascais

Day 7

Visiting: Sintra