Explore two Porto markets where you can taste all the local seasonal fruits, as well as the traditional dishes of this region of the country . Visit the Museum of Port Wine . Get close to nature in the vicinity of Porto . Take a look at the main architectural centre of the country – Viseu . Go shopping in one of Porto’s shopping centres . Visit the place of inspiration of JK Rowling – the bookstore with the atmosphere of Hogwarts.

Food and Traditions in Porto and Surroundings

In this city, J. K. Rowling began to write Harry Potter, and Eiffel created his architectural masterpieces not so popular as the Eiffel Tower but also no less brilliant. Go to Porto with this scenario and learn about the local cuisine and lifestyle of local people, delving into the traditional dishes and drinks of the region.

Food and Traditions in Porto and Surroundings

5 days itinerary by Louis Abreu - - Car, 2 Hotels

Day 1

Visiting: Loriga, Covilha

Day 2

Visiting: Covilha, Loriga, Manteigas, Cortes do Meio

Day 3

Visiting: Viseu, Covilha

Day 4

Visiting: Viseu, Porto

Day 5

Visiting: Viseu, Porto