Explore Paris. Drive out to Champagne region. Just don't drink and drive ;-).

Champagne: Sights & Drinks

A road trip through the Champagne region to the east of Paris. Ideally would be to go here with a company of friends, so you can change each other behind the wheel. You will drive along the local vineyards, visit Reims, Epernay, and some magnificent castles, get inside some of the most famous wine houses and, of course, will be able to enjoy the French cuisine. At the end of the trip – a walk around Paris is included.

Champagne: Sights & Drinks

8 days itinerary by Valeriy Britaus - - Car, 4 Hotels

Day 1

Visiting: Reims, Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames

Day 2

Visiting: Reims

Day 3

Visiting: Reims, Epernay, Verzenay, Verzy

Day 4

Visiting: Epernay, Verneuil

Day 5

Visiting: Epernay, Provins

Day 6

Visiting: Provins, Paris, Pierrefonds, Senlis

Day 7

Visiting: Paris

Day 8

Visiting: Paris