Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal – Day 4: Shopping in Himarayscha

Today will be the last day of our trip to the city of Himarains. Plans are, of course, to take a few walks to the various attractions, as well as to visit several shops and shopping centers.
Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal

Trip duration: 7 days

Alexey Lukin

Ferrache - Loja Guimarães

If you are interested not only in the choice of clothing or brand, but also in the quality and friendliness of the employees when choosing new items from your wardrobe, then visit the Ferrache - Loja Guimarães shop. Here, in bright rooms, you can find a large variety of things from old and new collections.

Cor de Tangerina

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants

The restaurant offers a choice of dishes from different countries of origin and destinations: from vegetarian to traditional Portuguese and meat steaks. The whole kitchen is of the same quality and with impeccable service.

Paço dos Duques de Bragança

Monuments / Landmarks

To take a break between shopping, we recommend that you visit this historic building, which is now the Dukes of Braganza's Palace of the Dukes. This 15th-century medieval manor house is interesting not only because it served as a residence for the first dukes of Braganza, but also because of its interior and exterior details.

Rota do Queijo

Cheese Shops

Real gourmets and connoisseurs of traditional cheeses should go to a specialized shop, where they sell dozens of different varieties of this popular product. The store is called Rota do Queijo Cheese Shop. Each of the cheese varieties presented on the shelves of the shop can be tasted, as well as learn about it from friendly employees. In addition to cheeses, there are also a variety of souvenirs to choose from, from hand-painted notebooks to a variety of plates.

ALAMEDA Shoes Concept Store

There are many different shops in the Guimaraisch, but get your shoes here. Here you can find a large number of stylish and suitable couples at pleasant prices.

Retail Park do Shopping Espaço Guimarães

The Himaraysh cannot be described as a city with an abundance of large shopping malls and long streets with boutiques of fashion designers, but there are still interesting places to shop. The Espaço Guimarães Shopping Centre occupies a huge area, with brand-name stores from all over Europe.