Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal – Day 2: In the shops of Porto

Today promises to be a busy and interesting day with plans to take some long walks through the most popular shops and shops in Porto. In addition, we also intend to visit some excellent restaurants.
Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal

Trip duration: 7 days

Alexey Lukin

Bem Portugues

Arts & Crafts Stores, Gift Shops

From morning onwards, head to Rua Santa Catarina, Porto's famous shopping street. Here we have found a place for both large fashion brands and local souvenir shops for all tastes and interests. Maybe you like original accessories and handmade costume jewellery?

O Escondidinho


Lunch is served in a typical Portuguese restaurant, where you will taste all traditional dishes (mostly fish and seafood) without changing old recipes. Enjoy the true taste of Portuguese cuisine and follow the chef's performance. Enjoy your meal!

Arcádia Casa do Chocolate

Perhaps you would like to bring chocolate from Porto and other exquisite desserts made in a chocolate house on the same shopping street? You can buy for a sample and then come back and buy what you like as gifts for your family and friends. Who wouldn't like an exclusive sweetness?

Ale-Hop Sta Catarina

Come and visit this spacious shop, which sells a million different things: gifts, souvenirs, talismans and, of course, local handmade souvenirs. Here you will find something for yourself and your loved ones, including thematic home decorations and much more.

Flyîng Tiger

Gift Shops

Another gift shop and original souvenir shop that you can replace with your favorite brands of clothing, shoes, perfumes or other local products nearby.