Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal – Day 1: In search of souvenirs.

Today is the day that opens our journey. There are a lot of plans and intentions for it, for example, we will visit one of the largest markets in the city, which is also known for the quality of products and a wide range of products.
Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal

Trip duration: 7 days

Alexey Lukin

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Mercado do Bolhão


Start your walk by visiting Bogliana, an ancient food market that has everything from seasonal fruits and vegetables to souvenirs and household utensils. The undoubted advantage in making purchases in this market is the communication with people who sell their goods. You'll always be treated here like an old acquaintance. For example, by choosing alcohol, you can always start by tasting it for free and then buy it.

Via Catarina Shopping

Shopping Malls

Not far from the Beaulian Market, you'll find a shopping mall named after Santa Catarina Shopping Street, where you'll find all the city's biggest brands and small manufactory shops, where you'll find not only local handmade souvenirs and trinkets, but also clothing made by famous and not so much designers.


Breweries, Dive Bars, Speakeasies

Relax and give the initiative to experienced bartenders. They will advise you on different beers, point out the advantages of taste of each of them, as well as tell you a little about its production. All you have to do is enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the bar and the taste of fine beer.