Sport and SPA: From Lisbon to Sagres – Day 6

Sport and SPA: From Lisbon to Sagres

Trip duration: 7 days

Alex Korneev

Praia da Baleeira


One of the best places to surf in Sagres is a small "Dani Windsurf" school which is located on one of the beaches of the city. The prices are quite convidatiмos and trabaдho quality with each customer is amazing. Here they always pay close attention to newcomers as well as more experienced students.

Three Little Birds


Lunch at this simple but pleasant place on your way to the fortress, your next destination.

Fortaleza de Sagres


Take a stroll along the vast Sagres cape, where the ancient fortress of Sagres of the 15th century is located. It has been rebuilt many times for various needs, including the Heinrich the Navigator's School of Navigation. You can learn more about the history of the fortress and its historical value by going inside and taking a closer look at its aritecture. Sagres survived many changes, but in 1755 was destroyed by a powerful earthquake. The last time the fortress was restored was in 1980.

Kaap Sint-Vincent

National Parks

Go to the end of the cable where there's a viewpoint. The immensity of the ocean, which brings the winds of the past from a glorious country, is in front of you.

Praia do Tonel


Take a stroll along the west side of the cape to the cleanest and most picturesque beach of de Tonel. Here you can relax, take a walk along the coast or surf.


Portuguese Restaurants

Returning to the hotel, have dinner at one of the restaurants located at the beginning of da Mareta beach. This institution is notable for good cuisine, especially in the Mediterranean, as well as a variety of sandwiches, burgers and a large number of original and delicious cocktails. The bar closes at 12:00 a.m., so if you want to enjoy dinner and a bar right by the ocean, you can stay here longer.

Praia da Mareta


Walk along the coast along one of the city's most picturesque beaches, past the many pretty houses and lights of the city at night.