Smart & Friendly: Texas by car – Day 7: The famous Corpus Christi

Although the city is not considered a tourist destination, thousands of people come here every year for its cultural attractions and beautiful views. You should definitely visit the Museum of Arts and the Oceanarium. In addition, the waterfront of the city is also quite remarkable for its several monuments and magnificent views of the bay.
Smart & Friendly: Texas by car

Trip duration: 8 days

Edward Harrington


Breakfast Spots

IHOP works 24 hours a day, so you can have a nourishing snack of fresh desserts at any time of day. Punkies in this cafe are considered some of the best. This place is perfect for family visits, as well as for travelers, the staff will always help with the choice and answer questions of guests.

Texas State Aquarium


Texas State Aquarium is an incredibly interesting place. The main activity of this organization is to rescue wild animals. So, many of the animals on display here are recovering and being released over time. Here you can see turtles, various reptiles and even birds. Many aquariums are made in original design, many are illuminated in such a way that a truly magical atmosphere is created.

Art Museum of South Texas

Art Museums

The Art Museum of South Texas is a unique museum whose expositions are mainly devoted to contemporary art. Its building is built with original design and can be considered a work of art in itself. Various installations by contemporary artists, photographers and graphic artists are exhibited here. The museum is located on the shore of Corpus Christi bay, so its windows and terraces offer great views.

Silverado Smokehouse

BBQ Joints

To catch your breath in the middle of a busy day, we'll go to the Silverado Smokehouse grill bar. The atmosphere of this place is very cozy and has a good rest. The menu is rich mainly in meat dishes, although there are also salads and appetizers, and of course, a good choice of drinks.

Swantner Park


An important part of Corpus Christi is its parks. This is where people can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city surrounded by greenery. Swantner Park is located in close proximity to the bay, so the overall picture is complemented by a fascinating sea landscape. There is no beach here, but if you wish, you can go down to the water, leaving the car in the parking lot.

Selena Memorial Mirador de la Flor

Monuments / Landmarks

Every city has such unique places where people just love to be photographed. Selena Memorial Mirador de la Flor is exactly the place. This memorial is located in close proximity to the coastline, so that during sunset you can watch the beautiful tides of the setting sun on the water surface.

Niko's Steakhouse


The day is coming to an end, and we're going to Niko's Steakhouse to have dinner. The first thing that catches your eye is the rather beautiful and original way of serving dishes here - with a certain gloss. The menu includes many dishes made of fresh seafood as well as meat. No doubt, it is worth paying attention to the sharp wings, as well as fried lobsters.