Smart & Friendly: Texas by car – Day 6: Beaches and nature in the Gulf of Mexico

Today we are planning a trip to the glittering city by the sea - Corpus Christi. On the way, we will have the opportunity to relax on the white beaches off the Gulf of Mexico, get to know the nature of the region in the San Bernard Neshnl Reserve.
Smart & Friendly: Texas by car

Trip duration: 8 days

Edward Harrington

Home Cut Donuts

Donut Shops

Today will begin with a mug of invigorating coffee at Home Cut Donuts. In general, this cafe specializes in donuts, but the menu is not limited to this. It serves a wide range of baked goods, from cakes to meat and sausage pies in the dough. You can also take some food with you, because today there is a fairly long road ahead.

Galveston Island State Park

State / Provincial Parks, Beaches

The first stop today is Galveston Island State Park. Here we can not just walk in nature, but also have a picnic or go down to the water, the park is equipped with neat walkways, small benches and tables for rest and snack, and of course, the coastline, which is popular with both locals and tourists.

Pointe San Luis Beach


One of the most popular beaches on Galveston Island is Pointe San Luis Beach. The long coastline of the sandy beach is a real attraction for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. The municipal authorities carefully monitor the cleanliness of the coast, so there are urns on the beaches.

Nate's Westend Seafood-Steaks

Steakhouses, Seafood Restaurants

The day's in full swing, and before we go any further, we'll stop by the steak house for lunch. The atmosphere of the restaurant in general is simple, and the interior is quite comfortable. In addition to meat dishes, there are also many seafood on the menu, such as fried shrimp, tuna and flounder served with vegetables and specialty sauces, and the breaded chicken fillet deserves attention.

San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge

One of the most popular and beautiful natural sites in Texas is the San Bernard Nature Reserve. Incredible beauty of forests, lakes and hills spread over a vast territory. Walking here, you can meet different kinds of animals, such as wild ducks, gulls and even small alligators.

La Casona

Mexican Restaurants

We'll stay for dinner in a cozy Mexican restaurant La Casona. The institution is popular both among locals and tourists for its original cocktails and wide choice of dishes. Okay, you should pay attention to fried crayfish with corn, tacos and quesadillas with chicken. From the cocktails, of course, you can distinguish pina coladas.

Riverside Park


During a long journey it is always worth making small stops to get some air, take a breath and just relax. Riverside Park is the right place to do it. There are a lot of greenery growing along the river coast. You can take a walk along the landscaped paths or sit on a bench admiring the flowers of roses.

Goose Island State Park

Scenic Lookouts

The last stop today will be the observation deck of Goose Island State Park. The park itself is quite small, its main feature is its good location near the bay. It's the reason why the park has become a favourite destination for fishermen and camping enthusiasts. We can take a little walk along the promenade or have a picnic here, because there are specially equipped places for this.