Smart & Friendly: Texas by car – Day 2: Museums and skyscrapers

Today prepares us a lot of pleasant moments, among which will be the ascent to the 50th floor of the Tower of Reunification, which will offer an incredible panorama of the city, and plans to get acquainted with architecture, which includes both Victorian buildings and modern skyscrapers.
Smart & Friendly: Texas by car

Trip duration: 8 days

Edward Harrington


Coffee Shops

Morning is best started in a small but cozy coffee shop nearby. Starbucks is undoubtedly a company with high standards in food and beverage preparation, so a cup of strong coffee and dessert will help you cheer up and recharge your batteries. The institution works from 6-00 on weekdays and from 7-00 on weekends so that everyone who starts his day from early morning can have breakfast quickly and comfortably.

First Baptist Dallas


One of the symbols of Dallas, the First Baptist Church, is definitely worth looking at. Dallas is considered a modern and advanced city in the south of the United States with its traditions and culture. Erected in 1868, the church embodies the ideals of the local population, their openness and love of life.

Dallas Museum of Art

Art Museums

Dallas is not only an industrial, but also a cultural center. The Museum of Art in this city has an important place. It is a collection of cultural and historical objects not only from Texas, but also from Mexico. The museum's exhibits and installations interweave the ancient Aztec and Mayan culture that once inhabited these places with the enterprising young American people. The museum is closed on Mondays, but on other days it is open from 11:00 to 17:00.

Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe


The main attractions of relatively young Dallas are buildings built in modernist, neoclassical and Victorian styles. The oldest building in the city that deserves special attention is the Cathedral of the Virgin of Guadalupe, built in the late 19th century. The building is of great interest in terms of architectural and historical significance. It is the basis for the second largest Catholic community in the country. Thousands of believers come here for divine services.

Y. O. Ranch Steakhouse

Steakhouses, American Restaurants

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse is a restaurant where you will feel the atmosphere of good old Texas, with all its hospitable traditions. It is definitely worth trying the grilled meat here, as well as salads with shrimps and vegetables. It is better to reserve a table in advance, as often there are quite a few clients at lunchtime.

Reunion Tower

Scenic Lookouts

The Reunification Tower just needs to be visited to enjoy the incredible urban landscape of the city. It was built in the western part of Downtown and became one of its brightest attractions. You can reach the 50th floor by high-speed elevator (in 68 seconds) or by stairs of 837 steps. From a height of 171 meters, the whole city and its surroundings are perfectly visible. All the professional photos of Dallas are taken from the same tower.

Giant Eyeball

It's worth taking a walk around Dallas from the observation deck, as the city is literally replete with original buildings and monuments. The most famous among the various street art sculptures was the sculpture Giant Eye. She has undoubtedly added surrealism to the cityscape and keeps her eyes fixed on the people passing by. The sculpture is by Tony Tasset and is not his only work in the horror genre.

Pyramid Restaurant & Bar

American Restaurants, Bars

You can enjoy your evening at Pyramid Restaurant&Bar. The place works till midnight. Here you will find fresh American cuisine for every taste. Beef and pork steaks are definitely worth a try, as well as a choice of salads and snacks. By the way, the Caesar salad is beautifully cooked here.