Shopping in Coimbra – Day 5: Let's go back home.

Our short journey is coming to an end, and today we have a flight home, so to spend the rest of our time usefully we will also go to a small shop after breakfast.
Shopping in Coimbra

Trip duration: 5 days

Alexey Lukin

Café do Teatro


Before you leave, be sure to eat at this restaurant, a favourite of the locals. Here you will find a wide range of quality dishes to suit all tastes, and you can not only have a hearty meal enjoying the impressive portions, but also walk from here to our last scheduled stop. You don't have to book tables here in the morning.

arcádia casa do chocolate

Candy Stores

In the local chocolate shop you can buy traditional chocolate of different types and flavours as gifts and souvenirs. Responsive salespeople will always help you to make up your mind, but if you want to spend more time picking up what you like, just plan a longer trip to the store.