Shopping in Coimbra – Day 1: Arrival in Aveira

Our journey through Portugal begins with our arrival in the small town of Aveiro. Due to the fact that there will not be much time, today we will dedicate fascinating excursions in the museum, as well as small walks around the city.
Shopping in Coimbra

Trip duration: 5 days

Alexey Lukin

BMW 1 Series

Navio-Museu Santo André

History Museums

Atmospheric and informative museum-ship is an opportunity to get acquainted with life on the ship, as well as with the hard work of cod fishers. After the legal restrictions on fishing in the waters of the Aveiro area in the 1980s, many fishing boats were written off and dismantled. It's the same fate as St. Andrew's. Today it is a monument on the water, anchored in the commercial port of Aveiro. You can stroll along the lagoon, enjoy the fresh breeze, take pictures and walk through the museum to learn more about the ship, which was part of the whole history of fishing in its country. The museum is open every day from 10 to 18, is not open on Mondays, and on Saturday and Sunday it opens at 14.00. When you plan your trip here, consider the museum's schedule. The hotel staff will help with transportation if you travel without your car.

Maré Cheia

Seafood Restaurants

As you are in the seaside town, the freshest and most original dishes will be served here from fish and seafood. Don't hesitate to go to one of the best fish restaurants in Aveiro, Mare Cheia. Here is not only a cozy atmosphere of a small, but high-quality restaurant, the place is distinguished by a special attitude to guests, excellent value for money and freshness of dishes. You can visit the restaurant from 12.00 to 22.30 every day, except Wednesday.