Recreation in nature and the spa – Day 2: Relax and nothing else.

If you wish, you can spend the whole day in a spa hotel, and in the evening return to the capital on the usual way, or go another way, on the way to the gastropub and relax in the park.
Recreation in nature and the spa

Trip duration: 2 days

Газпром нефть

Skoda Octavia

Rgk Aristokrat

In the morning we offer you to enjoy your stay in Aristocrat RGC. In addition to the excellent spa, it is a very tasty place to cook, so you can also have breakfast here.

Gazpromneft filling station #305

Come In Pub

You can finish the script of this relaxed trip in the city of Domodedovo. It's a great place with a high rating for your lunch. An incomparable light ale for those who are not driving, beautiful meat and salads!

ПКиО Ёлочки


If you still have time for a walk, visit the Culture and Recreation Park in Domodedovo. The area is large and beautiful, and the fresh scent of pine needles soothes and calms.