Family Trip: Journey from Portland to Eugene – Day 3: Attractions of the Seilhem

After visiting Portland, we went to see Seil. It's not a witch capital, but it's worth a visit, too. We will see a Chinese garden, visit a carousel loved by all children, take a walk in the park and even look at one monument dedicated to the war.
Family Trip: Journey from Portland to Eugene

Trip duration: 5 days

Darcy Moore

Ken's Artisan Bakery

Bakeries, Coffee Shops

Very cozy bakery, all baked goods are very fresh, it is possible to take away food, also it opens very early. Well, on the plus side, there are very nice, loyal prices.

Lan Su Chinese Garden


Once in this garden, you'll feel like you're in China. Entrance to this garden is not free, but a visit to this place is worth it. At the entrance to the garden you will see a small souvenir shop with many interesting trinkets.

Happy Bibimbap

Korean Restaurants

After visiting the garden, we were so impressed that we decided to have Asian food for lunch. We were satisfied with the quality of service. The food was fresh and very tasty! The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday.

Salem Riverfront Carousel

Theme Park Rides/Attractions

The carousel is located in the park - horses, lights, music - there is everything that kids love so much. And after a good ride, we went for a walk. There is a river near the park, so there are wonderful views from the park.

Bush's Pasture Park


Another very well maintained and beautiful park, with a beautiful garden and museum on site. It's a great place to be outdoors. Our family loves these kind of walks. We prefer a walk in the parks to the noisy city streets.

Gamberetti's Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurants

Wonderful Italian restaurant. There are even baby high chairs for feeding. I would like to acknowledge the work of the staff. The guys know the menu, the composition of the dishes and can even advise you if you have any doubts about what you want to eat.

The Oregon World War 2 Memorial

Monuments / Landmarks

We also reached the monument of the Second World War, honored the memory of the dead and walked around.