Family Trip: Journey from Portland to Eugene – Day 2: We're exploring the nature of Portland.

On the second day of our trip we will go with our child to the famous children's museum and of course get some fresh air, taking a walk in the park and the sights.
Family Trip: Journey from Portland to Eugene

Trip duration: 5 days

Darcy Moore

Pine Street Market

Food Courts

Very convenient location of the market. There are a lot of different establishments for every taste. It's very atmospheric, really, we did have some difficulties after all. Didn't take long to find a place to sit down. But we didn't see it as some kind of a big deal. In general, we are glad to visit this market, everything is delicious!

Portland Children's Museum

Science Museums

The museum is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Children will love this place! Especially interesting for children under 12, I think. Children can do simple experiments to understand how the world works around us, or they can try their hand at different professions. You can spend a lot more than two hours here. We highly recommend a visit!

Q Restaurant & Bar


Excellent establishment, very friendly staff and fast service. There are baby feeding chairs available if you are with young children. Facility's menu also includes vegetarian dishes.

Washington Park


It's been a great walk! It's a very beautiful park, a huge but very well maintained area. Reminds me more of a whole forest, not even a park! There are also a pink garden, a zoo, and even a Japanese garden. Wonderful, peaceful place to relax.

The Grotto

After a walk in the park, we went to look at Grotto. There was some serene and calm atmosphere around. Even people who are far from believing in God will find it interesting to walk around and see the greatness of the environment.

Mother's Bistro & Bar


Mother's Bistro & Bar is a very cozy and homely establishment, which has literally everything and for every taste. If you're with a young child, the restaurant has high chairs for feeding. After the visit we did not find any defects, we liked everything. The visit left a very pleasant impression.