Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah – Day 7: Morning in Salt Lake City

Today is the last day of our long journey, and since we don't have much time, we will devote it to a visit to a certain spiritual center of the city - the city square, where the main temple of Salt Lake City is located.
Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

Eggs In the City

Breakfast Spots, American Restaurants

Let's start the last day of our journey in a small cafe for breakfast Eggs In the City. As you can guess from the name of the institution, traditional morning dishes are served here, namely different kinds of omelets, grilled meat, as well as a lot of desserts, including fruit slices, cakes and pastries.

Temple Square

Historic Sites

One of the main attractions of Salt Lake City is Temple Square. This is the square where the city temple is located, which is not typical for the United States architectural style - the elements of the roof and windows are more like a Gothic style or later baroque.