Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah – Day 6: Utah's natural attractions

Tonight we have to leave Wyoming and be in Utah. Here we'll see a lot of natural beauties that this state is so famous for. The end of our route today will be Salt Lake City.
Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

Cowboy Cafe

A new interesting day has begun, and we are going to Utah, and on the way to have a snack in the cafe Cowboy Cafe. Small but cozy establishment specializes in traditional American cuisine. For breakfast here you can take an omelette with bacon or a chicken breast with salad. It's a good place to cook and fish fillet and vegetables.

Devil's Slide

Scenic Lookouts

One of the most unusual places in western Utah is the unusual geological formation Devil's Slide. It is difficult to explain scientifically how this rock was formed, but its beauty is admirable. It's up to you to get out of the way and take a little walk in. The nature here is beautiful, and it can be a lot of cool shots.

Bridal Veil Falls Park

Scenic Lookouts

You can take a refreshing walk in Bridal Veil Falls Park. Nature is calming here. Going a little inland, you'll see a fantastically beautiful waterfall. Walking here, you can feel a slight breeze of wind, which carries small drops of water in itself. And in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall the air is saturated with air ions, and this, in turn, has a good effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Nielson's Grove


Next stop is the city of Orem, Nielson's Grove Park. The place is one of the leisure centers in the city. There are shady alleys and paths for walking or cycling, carousels and swings for children, a pond with ducks and fish and, of course, plenty of lawns for picnics. In the center of the park there is a decorative fountain.

Carrabba's Italian Grill

Italian Restaurants, Pizza Places

We'll stop for lunch at the Italian restaurant Carrabba's Italian Grill. For lunch there are good Italian sandwiches, salads, of course, pasta and pizza. In addition, you can pay attention to chicken fried with Parmesan cheese, as well as various kinds of steaks. In addition, there are a few seafood dishes.

Oquirrh Lake


One of the main attractions of the city is Lake Oquirrh Lake. The place is popular with locals and tourists for its shady paths along the coast, and you can rent a regular boat, kayak, canoe and even a sailing boat for a relatively small fee.

Sugar House Park


Sugar House Park is about 110 acres of green space. Not only can you walk around here, but the place is a permanent center of city meetings, festivals and events. Every day people gather here to play baseball, volleyball, basketball and other mobile games, equipped with several playgrounds, as well as a slide for sledding in winter.

Rusted Sun Pizzeria

Pizza Places

The day is nearing its end, which means it's time to stop by for dinner. Rusted Sun Pizzeria is just around the corner and is perfect for this. It is clear from the name that pizza is served here, but it is also worth saying that there is a large selection of salads and meat dishes.